EndNote allows you to import a PDF or a folder of PDFs into your library with all the bibliographic information extracted automatically, under the condition that the PDFs have DOIs embedded.

How to import a PDF?

Here are the steps:

  • Open your EndNote library.
  • Under the File menu, choose Import.
  • If it is a single PDF, choose File; if it is a collection of PDFs placed in a folder, then choose Folder.
  • In the Import File or Import Folder popup window, retrieve the PDF file or folder and click OK.
  • Make sure the Import Option is PDF. You can choose Import All (can dedup later).
  • Clicking on the Import button, all the PDFs will be imported into EndNote.

Note: If the PDF file was scanned or it does not have a DOI assigned, then it will not be successfully imported. All it has will be an attachment to an empty record.

Add a PDF as an Attachment to a Reference

If you have a bibliographic reference in your EndNote Library and you want to attach its fulltext article in PDF, you may follow the steps below to do so:

  • Open your EndNote Library.
  • Click on the reference to which you want to attached the PDF file. (Note: Single click shows the fields of the record on the right; double click opens the full window to view the fields.)
  • Move the cursor to the File Attachements field. 
  • Either right click or go to the References menu on the top.
  • Go to File Attachments –> Attach File…
  • Retrieve the file you want to attach.
  • The fulltext PDF should be displayed in an thumbnail icon. The actual fulltext file is placed in the .data folder.