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EndNote Tutorials: How to Find Fulltext in EndNote?

EndNote allows users to find full-text articles for the references in their library by enabling 1) Web of Science Full-Text Links, 2) DOI, 3) PubMed Linkout, and 4) OpenURL, as long as there is an Internet connection. Ideally, Rutgers users could take advantage of all the four options listed above to get full-text articles in EndNote. Unfortunately, we were informed that EndNote is not compatible with Alma link resolver. So Option 4) is not feasible. You may just enable the following three options to find full text:

  1. Web of Science Full Text Links,
  2. DOI
  3. PubMed Linkout 

To enable these options, please follow the steps below:

  • Open EndNote
  • From the Edit menu, select Preferences at the bottom
  • Click Find Full Text (the 5th choice from the top of the EndNote Preferences list on the left.

See the screen capture below:

Once these preferences are set, you should be able to find fulltext. If you have any question, please feel free to contact your campus librarians.

How to Attach a File to a Bibliographic Record in EndNote?

If using the Find Full Text feature does not retrieve a full text but you have the full text article in PDF, you can manually attach it to the bibliographic record:

  • In the EndNote library, double click the reference to which you want to attach the file.
  • Scroll down to the File Attachments field.
  • Right click your mouse and choose File Attachments.
  • Click on Attach File.
  • Find the file you want to attach.
  • Once attached, the the file thumbnail icon will appear in the field of File Attachments. The full text article is placed in the accompanying data folder. So do not remove that data folder.
  • A clip icon is now displayed to the right of the record in the EndNote library.

How to find Full Text in EndNote?

To find full text, please follow the these steps:

  • Open your EndNote Library.
  • Highlight the references for which you are to find the fulltext. (I suggest you choose no more than 10 references in a batch, because it would slow down the process if too many references are being checked for full text at the same time in a batch.)
  • Under the References menu, choose Find Full Text -> Find Full Text…
  • The program then crawls the Internet and finds the matching full text to be attached to the appropriate reference.
  • A clip icon will be placed next to a reference if its full text is found and attached.

How to Read and Annotate a PDF File in EndNote?

EndNote has a built-in PDF viewer. It is located in the right pane of the EndNote Library interface. In the right pane, there are a few tabs, one of which has the PDF icon named Attached Files. Click that tab, you will see the PDF file if it is attached. If not available, it will say “There are no PDFs attached to this reference.” When it is displayed, the screen will be too small to read the content in the PDF. You need to expand it to the full screen by clicking the outward arrow which is at the most right in the right pane.

Once the PDF file is in full view, you may highlight any content, or place a sticky note anywhere you want. you may remove any annotation by right-clicking your mouse and choose Delete Annotation at the bottom of that box. Caution: Please do not choose Remove, which will remove the whole PDF file. The annotation and sticky notes can be saved and they are searchable.